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May 11, 2009

Babysitters' Report

This is from Aunt Ashley about her night with Uncle Josh as babysitters.  It's the first time they've watched both boys.  Sounds like it was a piece of cake!

last night was lovely. easy, even. we went to the park. i pushed lew in the swing and josh played with art on the slide. then art wanted an apple, so we headed back. on the way, art collected some bark from a tree. he put them on the back of his bike, and they kept falling off. i carried them for him. we made it back. art had a few bites of an apple. i cut the skin off for lew. they were content to sit and watch levar. lew walked around a bit and climbed on the coffeetable. got down. walked to the stool. climbed up. got down. he was pretty good at entertaining himself. 

then it was time to pick up the pizza. josh took art. lew and i set the table. i gave lew a little apple and some crackers as an appetizer. then art runs in yelling "pizza pizza pee pizza." he was so happy. lew loved the cheesy part. when we gave him crust, he reached for the box until we gave him the soft gooey stuff. art had a great appetite. the pepperoni was a big hit. everytime he found a pepperoni, he acted with surprise. then art and josh went outside to play with tsundi. boy, they are loud together. josh was holding up a hoola hoop and the boys were throwing balls through the hoop. and everytime, tsundi would yell "yes!" 

while they did this, i gave lew his bottle. he was very content to suck away. he played with his hair while he went at it. he had the whole thing, and seemed happy with himself for doing so. they we went outside. he pushed a little bike all around. he would push and push until it hit the back fence. then he would look back at me and kind make a grunt. and i would turn around the bike, and off he would go again. this went on for a long time. then there was a little sandbox action before bedtime. i left josh with the boys and took lew up. he had a a poopy diaper (a particularly nasty one, i might add). i gave him a little bath. he seemed eager to get in the water, and loved the bubbles. but he did not like me washing his hair. i had to make it the fastest hair washing event ever! 

he loved being swaddled in the towel after. he just held on to me. so we walked around upstairs for a while like that. meantime, i could hear the boys downstairs screaming for pure joy! they were in the house now... i put on a clean diaper and jammies and lewis curled up in my arms and almost immediately went to sleep. i sang him a song. i ain't no singer, but he didn't complain. i was just about to put him down but then the boys ran upstairs and were banging on the gate. so of course, lew wakes up. so i let lew walk around upstairs with me while I picked up. i figured i'd let him wind down on his own. downstairs i could hear tsundi's mom trying to get him to go home. lew with gackoo in mouth and in hand walked right over to art's bed and crawled in. he laid down with a smile on his face. he liked it there. he laid there for a while playing with the gackoos while I puttered around upstairs. then josh came up with art...

art took a little bath, and lew watched. then i helped art pick out what to wear for bed. his "#1" shirt. then i picked lew up and put him in his crib, and crept away. i just wanted to see what would happen. i went and got art's medicine. when i came back art was brushing his teeth and lew was gabbering away in bed. art took his medicine with no problem and he and josh crawled in bed to read "Waldo." lew was still just talking away and playing with his gackoos. he even threw one across the room. i came in and he started smiling. i picked up the gackoo and peeked at him through the crib, and he started laughing. i poked the gackoo back inside, and he pushed it out. little stinker. within a few minutes he was sound asleep just about the same time that josh finished the book. josh said it was bedtime, and art agreed. he pulled up the cover and that was it. so easy. 

they are good sweet boys. we are happy we could help out so you could have time with your family

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