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April 01, 2009

Remember Quest Garden Garvin?

A year ago today, when Jessica was real real pregnant with our yet unnamed baby (Lewis), we made the below post in an attempt to terribly frighten and fool our friends and family for April fools. And we also made this little video announcing the name of our new little one, Quest Garden Garvin:

From April 1, 2008

Friends and family,

As most of you know, it took jess and I nearly a week to name Arthur. We met him, had a good look, and tried out a number of names. Arthur seemed to fit perfectly.

This time however we've been thinking alot about the name for the new little person in Jessica's belly (in part because this time we know it's a boy). We decided on a name a couple weeks ago (march 15 to be exact), and rather than share it with you after he's born, we thought we'd do it today, now that Jessica is officially full term. It also helps it feel more official to let folks know even though he's not here yet.
anyway, here it is:

Quest Garden Garvin

We love it and feel it really gives sums up what we hope his little life will be. Full of growth and adventure. And we also thought it was quite fitting that jess had a little 'quest' of her own while on bed rest for over a month. To be honest we had mixed feelings about the alliteration of Garden and Garvin, but we finally just gave in and though thought 'why not'? This is probably our last kid so why not just go for it!

Anyway, that's the big news from our family. We hope you love Quest's name as much as we, do. Jessica is already rubbing her belly and asking how little Questy is doing in there. We've updated the blog to reflect Art and Quest's new life together, and we'll send out photos as soon he's born!

Here's a video-tour of his new room (complete with Art saying his new brother's name!)

lots of love,

Ben, Jessica, Art, and Quest

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