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April 10, 2009

Mmmm, beer.

(Att: MN Department of Child Protective Services--please jump to next post)

Jessica and I were having dinner the other night. As we left to take our dishes into the dining room, I came back to observe a very happy Lewis in his high chair, tilting back my previously half-full beer mug, trying to get one more drop. His shirt and the table were wet with tasty Bass Ale. I was tempted to open another for him.

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Dr Em said...

that reminds me of my recent trip to IKEA with Jess and the crew. We were walking through some of the fake kitchens and Art was showing us what was in the cabinets, etc. We went into the fake pantry, and there a whole bunch of empty bottles and he said, "look! There's beers in here! Does Emily want a beer?" and he handed me one of the bottles.

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