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April 27, 2009

Lewis wants to feed himself

Lewis can be a real pain during meals lately, but it's all good.  He just wants to feed himself  from every utensil and cup available at the table.  No, really.  He grunts and whimpers and we just keep offering him all sorts of thing.  My shiny spoon, Ben's fork...By the end of one recent meal Lewis had drunk from every cup at the table and from the small pitcher for his extra water.  

Anyone who's eaten a few meals with us knows that the person who sits next to Lewis is responsible for refilling his cup with a little water over and over.  His cup skills are really good, but now he's discovered that it is lots of fun to put things into his cup and to pour the contents of his cup into other things.  I guess the novelty of drinking from the cup is long gone.  

He's actually getting quite proficient with a spoon and fork.  And it's a good thing, because he really will not let anyone else feed him.  Just this morning I gave him oatmeal with blueberries in it and as I was putting the oatmeal in his bowl I thought, "I should put in more.  That's not enough to work with."  He actually didn't eat any of it.  He wasn't hungry, I guess, because he went for a nap 10 minutes later.  But he did manage to feed me several spoonfuls of his oatmeal, and boy was he happy every time I took a bite!  

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