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April 15, 2009

"Jessica's house of English Immersion."

Our neighbor and Art's new best friend Tsundi has been over at our house every day lately. They're like two tiny little tornadoes that sometimes stop to pee or eat some cheese. It's very fun to watch them together. As we wrote earlier, Tsundi recently moved back home from India and doesn't speak English, at least not much. They often try to imitate each other's language, sort of blabbering nonsense words. My phone calls home have been more interesting as of late because of the funny moments Jessica describes about their time playing together. When I called home today to see how things were going, she answered, "Jessica's house of English Immersion." So funny.

Jess adds, "They actually didn't stop to eat the cheese. They just kept running laps in the house and would pause briefly for "Cheese please!" and then take the cheese and run again."

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