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March 19, 2009

The latest!

Right now (10:48pm) Ben is going into Art's room to wake him just enough to use the bathroom.  He's bringing a very floppy Art - oh! He just walked over to our bedroom door to show me the floppy Art! - to the bathroom so he can pee.  Ben said, "I love doin' this!"  Ben thinks that Art wraps himself around Ben more "ergonomically" when he's half-asleep.  

Anyway, things are going well here at the Parker-Garvin house.  Art is still enjoying school for the most part.  He often doesn't want to go into the room, though, when we first get there.  Then, when I pick him up he doesn't want to go to the car.  The boy has trouble with transitions.  No, seriously.  It can be really frustrating.  

Lewis has taken more steps and is guilty of standing without holding on to anything more and more often.  But he has not yet made the leap into true walking.  He has just stepped away from one perch to another a few more times.  

I am so happy that it is warming up.  This has been an especially brutal and long winter.  Maybe it felt worse because I had two young boys who were needing to get outside a lot.  The last few days we have been taking pre-dinner walks with the tricycle and stroller.  A couple days ago we took Art's old scooter out for Lewis to try.  Art went around the block so many times on that thing when he was Lew's age our neighbor called it the Artmobile.  Lewis scooted and pushed it and Art rode in his pedal-car and then his tricycle.

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