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February 18, 2009

Random things to mention.

Before I forget, as I was reading Art a nap-time book and Lewis was crawling all over the place Art suddenly got out of bed and said, "Maybe you can read that book by yourself and Lewis and I will play with toys."  

Today especially Art has been really sweet and generous with his little brother.  Usually Lewis is 10% my-sweet-little-brother and 60% intrusion. (The rest is oh-I-didn't-notice-someone-else-was-here.)  He shares his gackoo with Lewis when Lewis is in his room, which is the highest compliment Art can give.  A gackoo might as well be made of one finely shaped, large diamond, it's so valuable to him.  He has also been hugging Lewis occasionally (!) and when we were at IKEA the other night Art said something like, "That's my little brother, Lewis" to a stranger.  So that's been a nice change from the usual "No, Lewis!  That's MY toast!"

Back to today's nap-time story, Art wasn't quite tired enough to sleep so I said, "Well, you don't have to take a nap, but you have to have some quiet time in your room.  Lewis and I are going to go downstairs."  For about a half-hour I could hear Art playing in his room - a little bonking of stuff, a little talking to himself in a high voice while he pretended this or that.  Finally it was kind of quiet so I came upstairs and found him awake but laying on the floor with his head on an elephant.  I leaned down to scoop him up.

"You played pretty hard, didn't you?"
Big smile.  "Yeeeaaaahhh."

I put him in bed no problem.  That was pretty funny.

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