Past Posts

September 01, 2020

New home for our blog! (this is last post on here on Blogger blog)

Friends take note, we've moved this blog over to a new Wordpress site, the website is:

At the top of the new blog you sign up to follow with your email or just check back to periodically. I am not posting as often but instead posting in large chunks a few times a year. The kids love to get on and look through old photos and memories so I love the idea of keeping this thing going until they're old and crinkly. Just harder to find the time. So anyway, update your bookmark! Thanks lots,
- Ben and family.

December 27, 2019

December 22, 2019

Improv at Keewaydin

A fun group photos after Bailey, Lewis and Netta performed in Improv, an after school program. Such fun!

Playing D&D with Uncle Josh as the dungeon master.

December 17, 2019

Some chess photos and players of late.

Lewis and the twins all play lots now, and they've been winning stuff, too. Fun! Although not necessary! Here are some photos from tournaments of late:

Papa soup.

There are only a few things I make beyond pancakes and breakfast sandwiches. And this is one, my famous "Papa soup". The most amazing thing about it is all the kids eat it. Amazing!

Bailey after skating outside.

Twins doing some sorta geometry thing together.

A beautiful Yule Log Jessica made last year

December 12, 2019

Ben caught some HUGE catfish in the Mississippi River

My new favorite thing to do is catch catfish in the Mississippi River near our house. Rarely get the chance, and rarely catch something, but twice this summer I did and it was F to the U to the N. Here are a couple of whoppers and then a tiny one. 

And a tiny one :)